Interview about AI with Deutsche Telekom

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The Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunication company that has invested

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                        Announcement Today, and the Deutsche Telekom announced their new partnership at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. They teamed up to bring the new generation of’s … Continued

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The Voice UK – Quarter final

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Yesterday (21st March), BBC aired first live show of 4th series of The Voice UK. Fortunately all member of #TeamWil – Lucy, Sheena and Vikesh are going to semi-final. Except performance of all the contestants you could see performance by … Continued

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Baselworld 2015: PULS 2, a collaboration with GUCCI

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Today (19th March) attended the Baselworld 2015 conference to announce the second generation of his PULS smart device. This time, it is a collaboration with the fashion brand GUCCI. The second generations features a front-facing camera, perspiration sensor, heart rate … Continued

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The Voice UK – Blind Auditions 2

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Today (17th January), the brand new episode of BBC’s The Voice UK was aired. picked 1 more member for his #TeamWill, his name is Jake Shakeshaft and you can watch his performance in player below. Full episode to watch:

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Yesterday (4th April), was on the Chatty man –  a British comedy chat show presented by comedian Alan Carr. Not only he came to talk about The Voice and other stuff, but mainly he introduced his brand new watch which replaces the smart phones and … Continued

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The Voice UK – Knockouts

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This weekend (15th +16th March), BBC aired two episodes of Knockout rounds. In these rounds each coach can only take through three artists from their team to the live shows. Saturday was dedicated to #TeamKylie and #TeamTom and today it was … Continued

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Today (19th February), new episode of american talk show The Queen Latifah show hosted by the entertainer Queen Latifah. It was recorded last week and it was aired earlier today on CBS and it featured appearence by In an interview Will talked about … Continued

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