Atban Klann Discography

Grass Roots


  1. Open Your Mind (Introduction)
  2. Goin for a Ride
  3. Lord of the Flies
  4. Adidas
  5. Mountain Top
  6. Quid Pro Quo
  7. No Sequel
  8. World’s Gone Mad
  9. Rain on Me
  10. Dedicated
  11. Styles are Critical
  12. Puddles of H2O
  13. Focus on You
  14. Strolling
  15. La Borio Woman Beater
  16. Let Me Get Down

Release Date

Originally, the album was planned to be released on October 2, 1992, but it never officially came out. It was put on hold shortly before the official release.


The album has been recorded between 1991 and 1992.


Grass Roots was planned to be released by Ruthless Records and distributed by Relativity Records.


DJ Motiv8, Will1X


The only single that was released from that album was Puddles of H2O. It was released in 1994. A music video has also been made and released to promote the album.

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