Appearances on TV

YearShow TitleAppears asMore Information
2005Joan of ArcadiaThree Card Monte Guy God 

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2011The Cleveland ShowBernard (voice)Recurring role (13 Episodes)
2012The Cleveland ShowHimselfEpisode “Menace II Secret Society”
2012The Voice UK (Season 1)Himself (as a coach)-
2013The Voice UK (Season 2)Himself (as a coach)Leah McFall won second place & appeared on an alternative version of “Bang Bang” (2013) and joined the #willpower Tour in 2013.
2014The Voice UK (Season 3)Himself (as a coach)-
2014The Voice Australia (Season 3)Himself (as a coach)-
2015The Voice UK (Season 4)Himself (as a coach)-
2016The Voice UK (Season 5)Himself (as a coach)-
2017The Voice UK (Season 6)Himself (as a coach)-
2018The Voice UK (Season 7)Himself (as a coach)-
2019The Voice UK (Season 8)Himself (as a coach)-
2020The Voice UK (Season 9)Himself (as a coach)-
2021The Voice UK (Season 10)Himself (as a coach)-

Appearances in Film

YearMovie TitleAppears asMore Information
2005Be CoolHimself-
2008Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaMotto Motto (voice)-
2009X-Men Origins: WolverineJohn Wraith-
2009Arthur & the Revenge of MaltazardSnow (voice)-
2010Date NightHimself-
2010Bouncing CatsHimself-
2011RioPedro (voice)

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2014Rio 2Pedro (voice)

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