This website was created and launched by Martina and is currently maintained by Dennis.


This website is run by me, Martina. I’m twenty years old girl from Czech Republic. I’m big Will’s fan since I’ve seen him on the Black Eyed Peas’ show in Prague where they performed with The E.N.D. World Tour. That time I had czech blog about all members of the Peas which I wanted to change into website so bad so I turned google on and learnt everything by myself. Lately I’ve realized that website in czech couldn’t be as good and as successful as I wanted it to be so I’ve decided to start new one. As I adored Will so much and realized that he was the only Pea who didn’t have his own fansite. The Idea was here. I started working on it in early 2011 and I planned to open in on his birthday and I did so – on 15th March 2011 IamFanSite was opened. Few years later my website changed a lot and it means a lot to me. I want to thank all my friends, I’ve met thanks to working on iam-fan, for all their support. Many of them write me “Thank you” for creating website about Will, but in fact it’s me who should say Thank You because this website wouldn’t be as good as it is if I didn’t such an awesome visitors! =) xx I think I can say it’s my website which made my dreams come true. Will’s attention I’ve got is beyond all my dreams and I would never ever expect it at the beginning of iam-fan. As he is such an awesome person, I was blessed to meet him personally – on 29th December 2012 my biggest dream became reallity during his visit of Prague. I will never ever be able to thank him enough for changing my life and making me better person. And thankfully i had a chance to meet him few more times. In August 2015, I found out that my hosting was closing all their websites. I’d love to dedicate those lines to all the people who helped me to start over on new domain and hosting as, you help means so much to me and I’m happy I can cotinue with my work. Once again I wanna thank to all visitors, you guys rock! I promise I will work as hard as it’s possible to improve this website for you. If you have any questions, about web or you want to tell me somethig else, you can reach me on or use one of social networks to contact me:


I got to know Martina early on on the forums of the former website. We talked about a lot of things ranging from photography, to design and websites and became friends quite quickly. As I admired her for how much work she put in to creating and maintaining (or today:, I’ve always helped her with various things. Over time, I started to work more and more on this website and am now trying to maintain the website whenever possible. Unfortunately, we both can hardly find the time to keep this website updated, but we appreciate all the support we’ve received over the years.


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If you feel like you want to contribute as an author to this website and keep fans of from all around the world informed about his latest ventures, then feel free to get in touch with us. Your help is highly appreciated and needed!

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