ill.i + XU ZHEN: A new collaboration for ill.i Optics

Following ill.i’s previous collaboration with Slick Rick, has launched a new set of sunglasses in collaboration with Xu Zhen. The Chinese artist is known for a series of abstract paintings, that carry the name “Turbulent”, which also serve as the inspiration for the new designs. The newly released set consists of 2 frames and you […]

ill.i Optics: First look at the new collection with 4SEE Magazin

On Wednesday (23rd September) introduced his new collection of ill.i Optics in the German magazine 4SEE. Will is on the cover of their latest Fall/Winter 2015 issue, which also comes with an interview and more pictures. He announces the new edition and the new product line in a short video clip, which you can […]

ill.i Optics x Slick Rick – a new collaboration

Today (19th March) launched a new line of his ill.i Optics glasses, called ill.i x Slick Rick. You can have a look at some of the glasses in our gallery below. The new collection goes on sale 20th March and is reportedly to start at $340.00 USD. This is the first installment of ill.i […]

ill.i Optics By – Now available

Today (16th September), officially launched his first eyewear collection called “ill.i Optics“. The collection is a collaboration between himself and critically acclaimed designer George Gorrow. The collection of ill.i is inspired by rare vintage glasses and tries to marry a 1980s hip hop look with futuristic styles. says: I see a gap in the world of eyewear and this is my […]

ill.i – optics by has launched his very first collection of eyewear called ill.i! Sunglasses and and optical styles were designed by Will and his friend George Gorrow and they will be available for men and women as well. “I see a gap in the world of eyewear and this is my instalment of what I feel is missing,” […]

4SEE Magazin: Interview with & look inside

Today, we will provide you an insight into the recently released Fall/Winter 2015 issue of the German magazine “4SEE Magazin.” The magazine comes with a few high resolution images of presenting the latest line of his ill.i Optics collection. We informed you about the magazine a while ago. If you are interested in purchasing the magazine, follow the instructions […]