PULL UP: Music Video Out Now

J. Rey Soul, will.i.am & Nile Rodgers, PULL UP, Mercedes AMG Commercial

Earlier today, J. Rey Soul, will.i.am and Nile Rodgers have released their new track “PULL UP”. The song is part of the will.i.am’s partnership with Mercedes AMG and upcoming commercials. Check out the music video below:

“PULL UP”: New Song by J. Rey Soul, will.i.am feat. Nile Rodgers

J. Rey Soul, will.i.am, Nile Rodgers with "PULL UP" for the Mercedes AMG commercial.

Today, J. Rey Soul and will.i.am have released “PULL UP”, a song for will.i.am’s collaborative effort with Mercedes AMG. The music video will be released later today. For now, you can listen to the song on your favourite music streaming service. Links below: Youtube Spotify Apple Music