Smile Mona Lisa music video & documentary

Smile Mona Lisa music video & documentary

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The Louvre and have collaborated to create a special music video for his song “Smile Mona Lisa”, originally released on #willpower in 2013. The guitars for this song have been recorded inside the Louvre itself, right in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, after a Black Eyed Peas concert on June 5, 2010. The song has been re-edited for this music video. You can watch the music video down below! Also, the Louvre has invited over on April 11 to speak about art. His visit has been documented in the following video. Enjoy!

Here is the music video for “Smile Mona Lisa”: – Mona Lisa Smile ft. Nicole Scherzinger from louvre

Here is the corresponding documentary: au Louvre ( at the Louvre) from Off

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