Happy 40th birthday will.i.am!!!

Exactly 40 years ago, the world gained an amazing musician, entrepreneur, visionary, dreamer and person in every other sense as well – will.i.am. IamFanSite and all his angels and Peabodies would love to wish him the Happiest Birthday, and another year full of love, health, joy, success and fulfilled dreams!!

As 40 is a very special number and a very special age, we wanted to create a gift for him that was as special as we could make it. In past years, we made videos to show him our love and support, but this time 40 of us joined together to work on the book. It turned out into a 90 page publication which should be handed to Will in the upcoming few days. You can download the full version of the book in pdf below.

Last but not least I would also like to wish all the best to the future of this website, because it’s been exactly 4 years since it was founded. I want to thank all the visitors who come here regulary and support my work. I promise I will keep working to make it even better.

IMG_0880 IMG_0876 IMG_0874 IMG_0883 IMG_0903 IMG_0907


Update 22nd March: Yesterday, Will has finally received the book and tweeted about it twice =)





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