will.i.am launches Puls smartwatches

will.i.am launches Puls smartwatches

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Yesterday (10th October),  will.i.am took stage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco to launch Puls smartwatch – wearable device which should replace smartphones.

It doesn’t need a smartphone as other watches do and you can call, send messages, play music, check your social networks or check your location on a map. It can also caunt your steps and calories you’ve burned or detect your emotions.

The price of the watches wasn’t revealed yet, but will.i.am said that it will be cheaper than a smarthone and we should be able to buy during holiday time. It will be available in more color versions, including gold/diamond one.

There also will be clothing line called Pow-wear which should include jacket which charges your device, shoes counting your steps or backpack with speakers.

“This is the beginning for me and more importantly there’s purpose behind it,” Will said, adding that he’ll be able to tell kids that “this venture is proof that you too—we come from the same place—you just have to have vision and surround yourself with amazing skilled people to be able to do this type of work.”



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