“Striking Angles”: A collaboration with Lexus

“Striking Angles”: A collaboration with Lexus

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Today (1st August) Lexus Europe announced a marketing partnership with will.i.am.

The “Striking Angles” campaign focuses on Lexus’ new car, the NX, a premium mid-size SUV. Will is said to be designing a limited edition of this car and will feature in upcoming commercials later this year. About this collaboration will.i.am said:

Whatever I do I want it to be striking, I want to innovate and revolutionise and my partnership with Lexus on the Striking Angles campaign is no different. Inspired by a shared philosophy in design, we’ve been able to work together on a multi-faceted campaign that will challenge design conventions and fuel people’s imaginations.


Additionally, a short film has been released to support this campaign. The film features the song “Dreamin’ About The Future,” which is currently a part of will.i.am’s Pyramidi installation at the Digital Revolution exhibition in London, which is supported by Lexus, as well.

Check out some promo pictures in HQ in our gallery below:


UPDATE (4th August):

Watch the full video featuring the song “Dreamin’ About The Future” and the behind the scenes below:
Full promo video:

Behind the scenes:


UPDATE (21st October):
Lexus Europe just shared the full song from their TV commercial. You can listen to the track “Dreamin’ about the Future: Ammo Mix” in the player below:

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