Weekly Roundup: Radio Interviews

Weekly Roundup: Radio Interviews

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Today, we want to briefly summarise the highlights of last week.

Will gave several interviews in London, but also visited Israel and gave an interview to Guy Pines. Here are the links:


Capital FM, Capital Breakfast show, London:

Watch will.i.am beatbox and freestyle here:

He also explained the offside-rule in football in this hilarious video! Visit Capital FM’s website and check it out now!


Heat Radio, London:

After visiting Capital FM, he stopped by at Heat Radio to talk a little bit about Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and The Voice UK! Check it out right here!


Guy Pines, Israel:

In Israel, he talked about his DJ sets and the different cultures he gets to know when travelling. Check it out under this link! (to watch the video, you have to put in your gender and age first)

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