will.i.am on the Wired magazine

will.i.am on the Wired magazine

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Will.i.am is on the cover of August issue of Wired magazine, UK edition! He joined magazine’s team as guest-editor and he also made a photoshoot for them. Check out video from photo session and cover picture and don’t forget to get you copy, it hits shelves on 4th July!



Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Video

This month’s Wired marks a first for us: we have partnered with a guest co-curator. Over the past year, a surprising name regularly entered our discussions about tech trends and startup innovations: William Adams, the broadcaster and musician who is more widely known as will.i.am. A hyperactive entrepreneur, tech-trends adviser and education activist, Adams is as at home at Founders Forum as at the Grammys.

So we decided to tap into Adams’s network to tell some inspiring Wired stories. That led us to São Paulo and Paris, Los Angeles and Atlanta, to meet the entrepreneurs, makers and creative talents who at one level or another have a strong working relationship with Adams. In this edition you can read about serial inventor Dean Kamen and his work to purify water for millions of people through his Slingshot, a project for which Adams is a significant supporter. We take you deep inside rural Brazil, where Adams has become impressed with the agricultural innovations pioneered by organic-sugar magnate Leontino Balbo Jr; and we profile mapping innovator Jack Dangermond and medical investor Patrick Soon-Shiong, both of whom deserve to be better known for the sheer ambition of their projects.

In preparing this edition over the past four months, we’ve worked closely with Adams — or, if you prefer, will.i.am: our editors have discussed story ideas with him and his team, sent writers and photographers to cover projects recommended by him, tapped his network to share their knowledge in Ideas Bank and the How To pages (who wouldn’t want to know how to transmit themselves holographically?). We’ve worked with his constantly travelling inner circle to test hard-wearing high-end luggage and in-flight entertainment systems; and we’ve met the friends he’s most excited by, from Korean media impresario Miky Lee to Duane Jackson, a Prince’s Trust-backed UK entrepreneur. And we’ve reported on education innovators who are empowering a new generation, from Salman Khan to Suneet Tuli.

Yes, you’ll have probably noticed that we haven’t mentioned will.i.am’s better-known roles as a musician, producer, composer and performer, not to forget his role in BBC One’s The Voice. That’s because it’s his wider creative thinking that makes him Wired — an energy that spans a consumer-hardware business and science-education projects and advisory roles to companies as diverse as Intel and Coca-Cola. And it’s Adams’s own multifaceted achievements that show how effectively businesses can benefit from the creativity more commonly seen in the entertainment industry.

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