New layout!

New layout!

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#willpower is finally coming so I’ve decided to change design of this website!! I really hope you like it even it’s a lot different from the previous one. All the news are now on home page so it’s easier for you to get latest infromations, photos, videos etc. without needless clicks.

I’ve also changed design of our gallery, facebook and twitter and I’ve updated all pages. Please contact me in case there is somethinig what doesn’t work for you.

+ I’ve decided to take on some angels to help me with website. I have many ideas how to improve it but I don’t have time to realize it. So If you’re interessted, send me an email or use any of social networks (links here) to contact me and I will tell you more. You don’t have to be afraid of coding and these stuff, you won’t have to do that and I will show you everything.

And please share your opinions with me! =)

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