Wish will.i.am happy birthday!!

Wish will.i.am happy birthday!!

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As you know, will.i.am is having birthday this Friday so we are creating project to celebrate with him! We gave you chance to record video or take photo to wish him happy birthday, whole video is almost finished and attendace was really plentful.


We’re also launching website for Will where the video will be published together with messages which you can send right now …

[styledbox style=”note” ] WRITE MESAGE (MAX. 150 WORDS) FOR WILL.I.AM AND SEND IT TO happybdayiamwill@gmail.com WITH SUBJECT: @YourTwitterName/name, country, age [/styledbox]


+ Don’t forget to help us trending #HappyBirthdayWill on twitter! You can keep using this hashtag during the day, but at given hour we will try to get trend to wordwide trends. Also all these tweets will be shown in the box on birthday website.

[styledbox style=”note” ]

Day: 15th March 2013

  • 11:00am – USA (West Coast)
  • 2:00pm – Peru, USA (East Coast)
  • 3:00pm – Chile
  • 4:00pm – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil
  • 7:00pm – United Kingdom
  • 8:00pm – Central Europe
  • 9:00pm – Turkey, Romania, Ukraine
  • 3:00am (16th March) – Phillippines, China
  • 4:00am (16th March) – Japan, North and South Korea


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