#willpower release date is … ?!

#willpower release date is … ?!

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Since Sunday, thanks to will.i.am‘s tweet, we know that his upcoming album called #willpower will be released until one month. Universal Music Czech Republic has just confirmed that CD will be available on 8th April in this country and most lakely dates for other countries will be just a few days later or earlier.


Amazon also published some dates:

  • 1st April – Spain, Great Britain, France
  • 2nd April – Canada
  • 5th April – Germany
(1st April is debatable because it’s Easter and most countries have public holiday.)


According to the latest press release from universal music germany the next provisional release is currently the 19th april. It’s not final and is still subject to change.

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  • Pacy

    It would be the worst joke ever if it didn’t come out on the 1st of April… I’m soooo happy!!!!! I think I’m gonna cry while I’m first listening to it…:P or I might wait with it and I just a leave a new song for everyday:P it would be a really nice 2-week time:P:D

    • Sam

      OMG that’s a great idea! I would give in in the first day though!

      • Pacy

        you would need willpower for it ;):P:D well…it would be hard but maybe fun…just listening to one song the whole day then next day a new song… getting to know all of them well…