will.i.am talks about #GreatTimes

will.i.am talks about #GreatTimes

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Soledad O’Brien from CNN sits down with will.i.am to talk about his new PSA ‘#GreatTimes’ and the importance of voting.

“I’ve been asked a bunch of times, ‘When are you going to do another song like ‘Yes we Can?’ I don’t know if it’s time for that. I don’t know if the world needs that right now. I’ve been working with the kids in the community center i’m building, and that’s the reason why I needed to put a song out there to encourage kids, to encourage youth to realize that great times are coming via them. ‘Yes We Can’ wasn’t a political song to me when I made it, I didn’t talk to the campaign when I did ‘Yes We Can.’ ‘Yes We Can’ was to inspire teachers to teach [President Obama’s 2008] speech in schools. It was for teachers to teach a speech that represented how far we have come as a country. There’s only a couple of speeches they teach in school. We haven’t seen a speech taught by a current political leader or public speaker since Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. I’m speaking from my heart, Whether you’re voting for Romney, or you’re on the fence, or you’re voting for Obama and you haven’t voted yet, you need to make your voice heard.”

– will.i.am


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