will.i.am for Veja Rio magazine

will.i.am for Veja Rio magazine

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Will.i.am features on Brazilian Magazine ”Veja Rio” as he poses at Ipanema Beach, Brazil. He recently went to Brazil to visit the house Joatinga and courses for underprivileged children also for the Vogue magazine launch and party.


Leader of the group Black Eyed Peas, the American rapper Will.i.am is passionate about our music and lifestyle. Now, pr

eparing to topple social projects in favelas.
When disembarking here to do shows, foreign artists usually follow a basic script. Staying in five-star hotels, dining at steakhouses and visit slums. On stage, after praising the local beauties, women and joy of Cariocas, guarantee that they will return soon. After the Rio entered the route of the main stars of pop, this promise has been fulfilled to the letter for several of them. Madonna, Bono, Mick Jagger and other international music names have already been more than once on the ground in Rio and they all esbaldaram worth. But few ever closer ties with the city as the U.S. rapper Will.i.am, leader of the group Black Eyed Peas has done in recent years. Since 2005, when the band’s first performance in Rio, musician, producer, DJ and entrepreneur comes to Brazil at least three times a year on business or vacation. In 2011, voiced in the English version, by Peter Bird, friend of macaw Blu in the movie Rio, Carlos Saldanha. Meanwhile, Great Times released the single, bubblegum-pop song in tribute to Brazil. All this passion led him to buy a mansion in the neighborhood Joatinga, which will be renovated to house a recording studio. “Rio is the picture of good time in Brazil, economic growth, the perfect combination of city and nature. Want to retire here,” says the rapper, who will open the next Madonna concert at the Parc des Athletes, as well as those of São Paulo and Porto Alegre.Size enthusiasm and involvement turned the singer into a sort of informal ambassador of Rio When is out there, Will never tires of speaking well of the relaxed lifestyle, Brazilian music and natural beauty. Once landed at Galleon, embodies the American comrade and good people, nearly one in Rio, not his inability to Portuguese, a situation he tries to patch up with a lopsided portunhol. The bond that Will has the country is so big that the star has just hired by American beer brand Budweiser to be the poster boy location of your new campaign, which celebrates the positive phase of the country and into the air in December. It was in this condition he was last week in the slums of Vidigal and Parada de Lucas, where he recorded a commercial that portrays the old man already under heavy makeup prepared by the same team of the film The Lord of the Rings and futuristic clothes. “Normally I do not do propaganda, but the campaign has given me the opportunity to see up close these areas and in some way contribute to improve the conditions of life here,” he says. Under the agreement with AmBev, the company is committed to supporting social projects Will.i.am facing disadvantaged youth, with an emphasis on training technicians for the entertainment market, to be implemented from next year. “His enthusiasm with Brazil married perfectly with our message: the celebration of good time, the changes that will come with the World Cup and the Olympics,” said Peter Earp, director of marketing of the premium brands of the company.

Tourist-celebrity owner of a residence in the capital, Will.i.am is accustomed to pass through different scenarios locals with the same ease, either in the cabins Sapucaí, whether funk parties in slums. He recalls that it was in the Morro da Mangueira, in 2007, in pre-UPP, which had one of the most remarkable experiences of his life. The president of the samba school green and pink, Ivo Meirelles, Will and his entourage invited to a prom edition of Fridays. Terrified at the possibility of trouble with drug dealers, who accompanied the group resisted as he could to the program, but the rapper was determined. “Relax, this is my city. You will be safe with me,” he said, more confident as the wag of the natives. Upon reaching the slum children ran into the service of trafficking armed with rifles walking without being bothered. Panicked. For him, scenes like this existed only in fiction. The singer only relaxed when he realized a certain climate in family environment, with mothers and children dancing funk casually. “Their happiness struck me. In the United States, residents of the ghettos are rabid. Climate There is a constant tension,” compares. At another time and in a very different environment, Will.i.am had another unforgettable moment. Invited to play the DJ in a box of a brewery in 2010, he played a set of electronic rhythms and songs of Jorge Ben Jor singer when he saw himself on the dance floor. Ben Jor took the stage and sang the classic Taj Mahal, leaving the rapper ecstatic. “He was to me one of those idols that people admire from a distance. Had a hard time believing that become friends,” he recalls.

Born William James Adams Jr., a musician of 37 years, son of a single mother and five siblings, grew up in a violent neighborhood of Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles watching his friends get involved with crime and drugs. Thanks to the steady hand of his mother, who encouraged his early musical career, he stayed away from this violent environment. In adolescence, created with a school friend of the group break Tribal Nation. In the mid 90s, the two would found the Black Eyed Peas, who, under the command of the rapper and the stupendous figure of singer Fergie as open wards, would become a pop phenomenon and businesses. Will.i.am’s fortune is estimated at $ 80 million? amealhada part of it with the work of creative consultant to companies like Intel, Coca-Cola and even NASA. Talented producer, has worked with artists of all styles, from Celine Dion to Macy Gray, passing by U2 and the bossa-novista Sergio Mendes, with whom he recorded two albums, Timeless (2006) and Charm (2008). The partnership earned her friendship with other stars of MPB, including Carlinhos Brown, Seu Jorge and Liminha, whose studio in the Botanical Garden became the headquarters of Will in Rio “He is a genius hyperactive. Enough to turn working nights. The last time he appeared here with the laptop and a pillow, “says Liminha, producer of famous names such as Titans and Gilberto Gil.

Admired and disseminated worldwide, Brazilian music was instrumental in the interest of the country Will.i.am. He discovered Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben Jor and Milton Nascimento buying old vinyl discs from a shop in Los Angeles. His first shock came when he saw the classic album cover Clube da Esquina (1971), Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges. The image shows two boys, one black and one white, sitting side by side, and sent a man to the condition of his family, the one formed by blacks to live in a neighborhood where they lived only Mexican immigrants. “I immediately recognized that photo. Thought Ali:? I need to know this country?” She recalls. Even during his work as a campaigner for Barack Obama, with whom he collaborated on two campaigns, the rapper gave a way to include Brazil, even in jest. During a conversation with a friend, said that if Obama were reelected this year, his request to U.S. President would be only one: get a job as a diplomat here.

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