i.am+ photo.sosho

i.am+ photo.sosho

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Earlier today (28th November), will.i.am attended launch event of his i.am+ products (more info here) at the Fashion Retail Academy in London.

It was revealed that versions of I.am+ camera accessories for the iPhone 4 would be available from 6 December, but an iPhone 5 model, which replaces the entire iPhone camera with a new sensor an flash, will not ship until next year.

Also the website was launched today as it was expected. For the present you can join mailisting there to get the latest info about i.am+.


We’ve added photos of Will at the event to our gallery, check them out:

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Update: More info about i.am+ products

  • The foto.sosho C.4 is the basic model at £199, which includes a flash module, three interchangeable lenses (macro, fish-eye and clear glass) and a grip to make it easier to wield your iPhone 4 or 4S like a point-and-shoot. Aside from these functions, the device is largely about aesthetics — and the white and gold C.4 we played with certainly makes a statement, if that’s what you’re into.
  • The foto.sosho V.4 is for those who prefer vintage styling. It costs £299 ($415) and adds a slide-out backlit QWERTY keyboard that pairs with your phone over Bluetooth. Like the C.4, it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Also like the C.4, it’ll go on sale December 6th exclusively at Selfridges in London.
  • The foto.sosho V.5 and “luxury” L.5 (also with QWERTY) persist with the excessive punctuation, but otherwise take a very different approach to “social-digital photography.” They won’t be available until early next year, with pricing yet to be announced, and they’ll only play nice with the iPhone 5.

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