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Will.i.am published new song #GreatTimes. Title might remind you of previous Will’s song but this one has totally different theme – it was created to support  the US  presidential elections and show people how important is each vote.


I made a new song that’s a reminder on what this election is all about…
The song is called “Great Times”.

Reminding people to be optimistic, activated, connected, united, and focused…

It plays on lesser than and greater than… It plays on past vs. future… It plays on crime vs. education… It plays on foreclosures vs. sold… It plays on big oil vs. big green & big clean… It plays on forfeit or forward… It plays on a 20 year plan vs. a 4 year sales pitch.

I recently went to my old ghetto and selected some of the best students from one of the worst school in America to mentor and trans4m their lives…

I have partners to help me… Laurene Powell Jobs…(College Track)… Dean Kamen… (FIRST — For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)… Discovery Education… JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

This coalition is called TRANS4M Boyle Heights.

And I wrote this song as an anthem for this mission to TRANS4M Boyle Heights first then TRANS4M every inner city like it in America…

please VOTE on 11.06.


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