will.i.am at NASA Event

will.i.am at NASA Event

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Today, NASA‘s rover calles ”Curiosity” is landing on Mars. That means will.i.am is going to put out song ”Reach for The Stars” which he wrote for this occasion last year when rover was leaving Earth and said he was going to publish it as soon as it lands on its distance.

Curiosity’s landing is scheduled at about 05:31 UTC (check out time in your country on this linkand you can watch event below via live stream which was posted on Will’s facebook so don’t miss it !! Also stay tuned on iam-fan because we will keep you update about all news in this article.

If you wanna know more aobut Curiosity Rover, click here.


Update 7am : Here are first photos of Will at NASA’s event, gradually we will post more of them to our gallery! Will also talked on NASA TV and his name was in worldwide trends on twitter, video will be posted later as well.

001~277.jpg 002~218.jpg 003~185.jpg 005~147.jpg

Update 8.40am: Watch video of Will talking about STEM (he is going to build schools) and much more.

Update 9.10am: Will.i.am just tweeted that song will be released on 15th August. 

Update 1pm: Watch interview with will.i.am which we talked about earlier in this article. Will’s part starts at 34th minute.

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