Brand New Layout

Brand New Layout

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It’s time to get ready for next’s album and change our layout !! We hope you like it and it will easier for you to get latest infromations, photos, videos and much more. It includes new system of comments, changing header accoring to page you’re just reading, slideshow on the home page (thank to @Dennis_TM , who helped us to create This Is Love and #willpower artwork =)), countdown until #willpower, new style of viewing pictures, updated articles such as Biography, Filmography and so on. Gradually we are going to change mobile version, iPad version and gallery theme as well.

Please contact me in case theme is not viewing right on your computer so I can make it good for everyone.


Here you can chack new image frames with some screenshots of new design or just go and discover it by yourself.



Please use the new comments and tell us your design thoughts with us !!! =)

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