Eva Simons talks about will.i.am & This Is Love

Eva Simons talks about will.i.am & This Is Love

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Eva Simons, who sings on will.i.am’s latest single ”This Is Love”, gave an interview to MTV News and talked about this song and collaboration with Will.

“He is super creative, and we kind of have the same energy: We can’t sit still. We were in the studio, and he had this track. And he’s like, ‘Yo, Eva, would you like to do this song with me?’ And we had been recording a couple tracks before, so he knows what I’m capable of and he trusts me, and we don’t really know each other for that long, but he trusts me.I recorded it, and he mixes it straight away from his laptop … and it’s done. That’s so beautiful — not only is he super creative and knows what he wants, but he also sees when other people are creative as well. He’s not afraid to collaborate.”

This particular collaboration also included Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello. “It’s really a club-banger,” Simons said, adding that will included “some piano intro in there and violins. … He’s always creative. It doesn’t [just] work for the clubs, it works for the radio, it’ll also work on a big festival, like him on the piano, some strings, some live drums.”

Will and Simons recently shot a video for the track, and she had this tease for fans when asked to give some hints: “Fireworks. Just like, ‘What world is this? Like, where are we?’ and ‘What season is this?’ “ she said. “It’s mad. It’s pretty awesome.” Much of that awesomeness, she adds, stems from will directing the clip himself. “I’m just surprised. I’m not surprised, actually, ’cause that’s him,” she said. “He is also a super-geek. I’m a super-geek. I love technology, and he was like, he was directing the video and he was doing the motion-control of the camera and everything. He knows his stuff. It was pretty awesome to see.”

Simons continued that it was refreshing to see that even with all his years in the industry, he still loves to do it. “I just admire him,” she said. “After all those years he still has that fire, and that’s just beautiful. But I feel like — ’cause I was big fan of the Black Eyed Peas, and I still am — and he seems like he’s the same guy still that I see before.”

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