Birthday is coming

Birthday is coming

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We’re sure that all of you know that is having his 37th birthday next week (we don’t have to remind of date – 15th March.) More than 100 people sent their photos and videos for project, we can reveal you that nearly half an hour long video is almost done and we bet you will really surprised when you see it! It will be published exactly on Thursday or day before to we all can share it and try Will to see it …

Also all Peabodies and iam-fans should wish him on twitter so let’s try to put #HappyBirthdayWill to trends on 15th March – hours are written below. Also we’d be like if you share this article and  help all fans know about it, thanks.

Hours in countries:

11:00am – USA (California)

2:00pm – Peru, USA ( New York, North Carolina, Ohio,Washington D.C.)

3:00pm –  Chile (continental)

4:00pm – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil (Brasília, Rio, Sao Paulo)

7:00pm – United Kingdom

8:00pm – Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, France

9:00pm – Turkey, Romania, Ukraine

3:00am (16th March) – Phillippines, China

4:00am (16th March) – Japan, North Korea, South Korea

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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